Aromablendz Aqua Anti Cellulite Kit

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Use & Benefits: In the current times multitudes of companies are promising an almost instant weight & fat loss through their magical pills or oils, capitalizing on the ?Instant result? psych of the customer.

We offer a product that is scientific & consistent in nature. Thousands of customers have benefitted from its ?non magical? but scientific formulation. Besides reducing weight & fat, our products are fortified with Aloevera & Protein bonding pre cursers that improve skin tone, elasticity & nourishes the treated part.

The Aqua Kit consist of Cellulite Control Oil, Aqua Anti Cellulite Gel & Detox Herbal body Pack. A G5 massage during gel application is recommended. The Aqua Kit last for approximate 10 to 13 applications & cost per application averages down to a meger Rs.147.

Recommendations: We strongly recommend Hot towel application before & during the course of the massage. Ensure a gap of 3 hours between meal before starting the treatment. Take this treatment 3 to 5 times a week.